Fixing Up an Old Bathroom

Fixing Up an Old Bathroom

Fixing up an old bathroom is a great way to update ones home, especially because one goes into the bathroom on a daily basis and depending on where the bathroom is located depends on whether ones guests go into it too. Depending on how one is planning on fixing up an old bathroom will determine ones budget size.  One could tear everything up and start over with a brand new toilet, vanity, vanity top, floor, medicine cabinet, bathroom fixtures, and a new shower or bathtub but one needs to know what ones budget is so one can have a realistic approach as to what one can do in there.

If one has a very small budget then there are a numerous amount of things that one can do to upgrade ones bathroom while still keeping all of the fixtures. One can start by painting the bathroom; any room looks better with a fresh coat of paint. If one is not happy with the current vanity then one could consider painting it another color, and changing the door hardware, and that would help update its look. One can also change all of the drawer handles and bathroom accessories to brushed nickel, and that would also help the bathroom look more updated. If one has a big mirror in the bathroom one could consider building a frame around and just gluing it to it and that would also change the look of the bathroom.

If ones budget is big enough to change some of the fixtures then one should take into account what parts of the bathroom one truly dislikes, whether one hates the toilet, the vanity, the floor, or wants to change the shower into a bathtub, because this will make sure that what is truly important is changed. After one determines the budget one should go look around at the different hardware stores to get an idea as to what one likes truly costs. One should also remember that the new trend in toilets is for them to be taller and to be elongated, and one should also remember that a tile floor is the ideal flooring for a bathroom because it tends to get wet.

There are many different things that one can do to ones bathroom and if one is purchasing new products, chances are that one will need to get a hold of a plumber, and they will also be able to let one know if one needs to get sump pumps from Roto-Rooter. At the end of the day it really comes down to the fact that its ones bathroom and no matter what the magazines say or ones friends say, one wants to be happy with its outcome because one is the one that will be using it everyday.

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