Getting In Trouble With The Law

Getting In Trouble With The Law

Getting in trouble with the law can be one of the most trying circumstances in any person’s life. First time offenders are often shocked by how calloused the system is, and they are often unprepared for the difficult conditions. These people should know that there are a few things they must do in order to make it through legal trouble with their dignity and future intact. For those in Ohio, a good bail bondsman in Columbus is a must. A good lawyer is also very important for those people who want to beat either felony or misdemeanor charges.

Getting a good lawyer first
The first thing that any person should do is call a skilled criminal defense attorney. People who are not able to afford an attorney will have a public defender appointed by the court. A good attorney will tell you not to speak to the police without good legal advice. Perhaps more importantly, a good attorney can work with the district attorney on your bond. If you appear at your bond hearing with a good lawyer, the judge may set your bond very high. A good attorney can argue that you are not a threat to society, and they might argue that you are not likely to flee the area. This can bring down your bond amount while saving a tremendous amount of money.

Paying the bond to avoid unnecessary jail time
Whether you are being charged with a serious crime or just a misdemeanor, it could be months before you go to trial. This means that you could potentially sit in jail while waiting for this process to play out. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t do this. First, that time in jail will likely cause problems in your personal and financial life. Jail is also dangerous for people who have never been there. It’s best to spend those long months on the outside. This will also give you an opportunity to speak with your attorney on the best ways to handle your case. By paying your bond, you will earn yourself more freedom.

Weighing whether to accept a plea agreement
More than 90-percent of cases end with a plea agreement. Most people do not want to take their case to a criminal trial. This is because of the high penalties that can be assessed when you lose at trial. You have to consider whether or not to take the plea deal that the district attorney will undoubtedly offer. It’s important to understand that any plea which requires you to take a felony conviction is a tough deal. Felonies may leave you unable to get a job or apartment down the road. You should only take these deals if you have no other options.

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