Helping a Friend With an Addiction

Helping a Friend With an Addiction

When wanting to help a friend with an addiction it is first important to understand that an addiction isn’t necessarily always identifiable. For instance someone who is addicted to alcohol might not look like your typical homeless bum on the side of the road. For that reason it is important to understand that an addiction can manifest itself in an individual in a variety of ways. Some telling signs that your friend might have an addiction include them getting wasted every weekend, or someone who schedules their life around drinking for instance. While you want to help a friend with their addiction, at the same time it is important for you to set boundaries and make sure and not have helping them consume your life and bring about problems for you in the process.

First, in order to help a friend with an addiction you want to not ignore the problem. Trust your instincts with this one. If you think there might be a problem don’t just brush it off like it’s nothing.

Second, speak up. Make sure you chose to speak up when your friend is lucid and able to understand what you are asking and saying to them. Address your concerns and give concrete examples of what you are saying. Use some discretion and make sure the person knows you are talking to them because you are concerned and care about the individual.

Third, if you noticed your friend has an issue do not under any circumstances be an enabler. Don’t deny it or make a joke with the individual about what is happening. Stop going out and participating in the behavior with the individual. Make sure they understand you will no longer stand up and cover for their irresponsibility.

Fourth, it is very important to listen when helping a friend with an addiction. Often time addicts feel very alone, which is why they might have turned to abusing the substance in the first place. Listen to them vent their frustrations and don’t be judgmental towards them. Simply show them love and concern for their overall wellbeing. Remind your friend that you will respect their privacy and not share anything they don’t feel comfortable with you sharing to others.

Fifth, a way you can help a friend is to do research on the addiction they struggle with. Addictions are so rampant that there are loads of resources available for you to get more acquainted with what your friend is dealing with and going through. The better you are able to understand what they are going through the better you can empathize and help them get to a better place.

Sixth, another great step is to offer to go to a meeting with your friend so they don’t feel so awkward or alone. Let them know that you are there to help at any stage of the process. If the problem is very serious you may consider contacting a Womens Drug Rehab in order to get more professional help. In the end, the very best thing you can do to help a friend with an addiction is to not treat them any differently. Let them know how much they mean to you and that you hope they can change and overcome their trials.

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