Losing a Few Pounds for Summer

Losing a Few Pounds for Summer

We all know the feeling: Making promises to ourselves all Winter and Early Spring of what we’ll do to get lost just the couple of pounds we need to be confident when the weather heats up and the layers come off. Then, it’s June before you know it, and you weigh barely less than you did after eating turkey and potatoes for ten days straight in November. Your window of opportunity to be spending time confident in your body at the beach, a neighborhood pool, or even out on a run is shrinking, and fast.

So how do you lose just a few pounds for the summer months?

Consuming mangosteen, a super fruit indigenous to parts of Southeast Asia, might just do the trick. Rich in antioxidants, it works by aiding in digestion, making you feel fuller longer, and boosting the metabolism.

Mangosteen is thought to improve digestion by slightly altering the pH of the contents of the stomach and upper small intestines, making conditions ideal for the growth of beneficial probiotic organisms further down the line. Good nutrients are more easily absorbed, and bag, processed, ones are greatly inhibited. This keeps toxins from entering the body that inhibit weight loss, leaving you feeling better, and at a significant advantage when trying to lose weight.

Mangosteen is rich in fiber. Fiber is indigestible and serves no actual nutritive purpose in our bodies. It does, however, take up room in the stomach, making you feel full on food from which you’ll actually absorb little-to-no calories. If you get full on fiber, you’re less likely to get full on high-calorie junk foods, and much more likely to lose weight.

Fiber also makes food move faster through the digestive system. In effect, you’ll experience more frequent, healthy, bowel movements. Food won’t be allowed to stick around in your lower intestines long enough to begin to toxify and poison your body.

Mangosteen works to combat and eliminate toxins the body over. A lot of people have tried and failed to lose weight, time and time again, simply because their body was far too inundated with toxins. When your body is full of toxins, you’re essentially sick. And when you’re sick, your body hangs on to all the fat stores it can. By ridding ourselves of these toxins and free radicals in the bloodstream, our bodies are free to concentrate on achieving a healthier weight.

If losing a few pounds for summer is a personal goal of yours, definitely consider Mangosteen combined with regular exercise and more health-conscious diet choices. Xango, the foremost producer of the product, has a whole range of Mangosteen-derived products to incorporate into your weight loss diet.

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