Taking Care of Long Hair

Taking Care of Long Hair

So you have long hair. Chances are you chose long hair to give yourself a more elegant look. Long hair as I’m sure those of you with it need a lot of care. That being said the following are tips to help in taking care of long hair.

When you first wake up in the morning and your hair is all tangled and messy skip the brush but rather run your fingers through your hair in order to soften it up. Do this first to untangle any possibly knots before resorting to the brush. If you are brushing out long hair make sure you are using a brush that is wood or made out of soft bristles. If you are wanting a comb, make sure to use a wide toothed comb. Third, make sure to brush your hair only if it is completely dry. If you comb your hair while it is wet it tends to lead to weaker hair. If you can, try to limit the use of drying your hair with a blow-dryer. Believe it or not blow-dryers can lead to early onset of grey in your hair as well as weaken your hair.

If you are ambitious and want to curl your long luscious hair then perhaps consider using the foam rollers at home you sleep in. If you must use electric appliances on the hair such as a hair straightener, then also be sure to keep it at the lowest possible heat setting. Even though your hair is long, you will still want to get regular trips about every 6 weeks or so to prevent getting split ends. If you want to pull your long hair back for any reason such as to get it out of your face, or to pull it back to exercise then always make sure to use a cotton elastic/hair tie.

Never ever use a plain rubber band because that will lead to some hair falling out. It is vitally important to deep clean your hair when it is long since it has a lot of space to pick up different dirt and allergens along the way. For best results, it is said to use an herbal hair shampoo. Make sure you generously scrub the scalp and all of your hair all the way down to the tips. If you find that you have dry hair, perhaps try using a moisturizing shampoo to try and replace some of the vital oils in the hair.

When shampooing always use cold water because it is the most refreshing for the hair. Something I found interesting is that you should only condition your hair once a month. If you are wanting some professional tips and help with your long hair, perhaps try visiting hair salon Pembroke Pines, FL. They are the color and cutting experts so you can rest assured they know what they are doing. They strive to bring out your natural beauty while at the same time creating a trendy new look.

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