When To Visit The Dentist

When To Visit The Dentist

Most people hate the dentist and with good reason. Whether it is the dreaded drill or the thought of mouth pain that sends people over the edge will never be truly known. A dentist office can be a scary place to a person who really doesn’t know what it going on. Because of this unnatural fear, many people avoid the dentist chair even when they really need it. So when is it time to go to the dentist’s office and when can simple over the counter methods be utilized?

The number one reason why a person visits a dentist is a toothache. A tooth ache can be caused by many things. The most common cause of the throbbing pain is a tooth with a cavity. While a cavity is the most common cause of a toothache, there are other problems that can leave the tooth tender. Sinuses can cause more pain than a cavity in some people. The entire mouth area is sensitive and has nerve endings. The pressure of the sinuses can fill up and put pressure on a tooth causing excruciating pain. While there is no cavity present, medication may still be needed to counter the swelling around the tooth. Whether for sinuses or a cavity, a trip to the dentist is needed.

Playing sports or even doing normal activities can sometimes go wrong and a tooth can get chipped. When any chipping occurs in a tooth, or a tooth gets knocked out, make sure to get to a dentist immediately. Sometimes teeth can be replaced and the chips can be easily repaired. If a chip is let go it can further chip and cause irreversible damage to the entire tooth. Also, the exposed nerve endings and inner parts of the tooth can cause decay. A dentist can quickly access the situation and allow a person take care of this matter before it becomes even bigger.

Brushing the teeth is the most important part of dental hygiene. When the gums bleed and become sore a dentist needs to be seen. There are many forms of gum disease and bleeding from the gum line is one of the common signs. Gums can recede from the teeth and this is a classic sign of gum degeneration. A dentist can evaluate and treat this condition before it leads to a loss of teeth. Gum disease may not be painful in its early stages but as it progresses, it can cause a great deal of discomfort and brushing the teeth may be unbearable.

Whether a person is scared or needs Sedative Dental services, it should not be put off. Going to the dentist and having the proper treatments can not only be great for overall dental health but also for the entire bodies health.

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